Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Like we mentioned earlier, we got a new pet, Deliliah...a bunny. In jest, I got her for Kaleb (but really for the whole family) because when he was little he wanted a bunny. I bribed him by saying he had to eat lettuce and stuff, like bunnies do, before he would get one, but then still didn't buy one for him. I told him we would never have rodents in the house...but then I saw the cute bunnies back there....and did some impulsive shopping. It happened to be on the day of Kaleb's birthday party.....so, it worked out great. I think he thought he was a little old for the bunny...but I know he secretly likes it! Kaleb chose her name....with the help of everyone else..for ideas, we thought of songs we liked...and Delilah was the obvious choice.
When we were looking at the bunnies, this one stood up looking at us....I know she was saying, 'buy me! buy me!' so we did. All the other bunnies ignored us...so. the choice was obvious.

Here is Kaleb opening the box with her in it.
Isn't she cute!Don't you love her white spot on her nose?
Jeremy is a softie when it comes to baby animals. He loves for her to sit on his chest and shoulders. She crawls around and licks his neck...did you know bunnies licked people? I didn't. They also bite sometimes. I didn't want to post this photo...cause it is not cute of me at all. I actually do look every one of my years here! ;).

We'd only had Delilah for about a week when we went to Idaho...so we brought her with us. she was in a bin in the bathtub of the motorhome most of the time. I wondered if she minded the moving vehicle. Bunnies probably do not travel long distance much. she did fine though.
When Megan came to see us, we wanted to surprise her with the bunny. So, we put it in Jeremy's hoodie hood....she hugged him and looked everywhere but there for awhile. She finally noticed and thought it was a kitty at first. It was super cute.

We have had fun with Delilah. The only problem is everyone (except me) wants to get another! and I thought she was going to be an outside pet...and everyone has informed me she will be indoors. We will see!
Tomorrow, we are hoping to get a dozen more chicks. We'll see.

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