Friday, December 26, 2008

family newsletter, christmas

In my christmas cards I sent, I said I would post the family newsletter on my blog, and then I haven't had time to do it yet. so sorry. J had to work on Christmas day, so we had Christmas on Christmas Eve morning....which was very nice...we had to run some errands afterwards, so J and I went and the kids stayed home to play with their new things. While we were out and about, I decided to head up to Bellingham that day to surprise my parents. We are totally impulsive. I had thought about coming up here and decided not to until the last possible minute. I'd planned on taking the car, but the kids protested until we decided to take the motorhome. The weather was good, and had warmed up a bunch so I figured the roads wouldn't be, I went home, packed up, made some cookies and such and left. We got to Bellingham a little after 9 pm. It was a fun surprise. But, it made my life a bit more caotic! oh well. what else is new. We had dinner at Jessie's...she knew there were going to be 4 more mouths to feed...and just hung out and had a good day. J had a pretty lazy day at the dept. one head there was a little excitement. I guess I still don't know what he had for Christmas Dinner. I definitely owe him one. I know they went to the Pirate's Cove (a local bar, with good food) for breakfast. I will post photos later. and I promise I will get my letter done soon. I guess just a shorter version of the blog. by the way, if I didn't send you a card, it was just because I didn't have your address.

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Dan and Lacy King said...

Thanks for the card and letter we loved it! Happy Holidays! I am hoping we have a fam reunion this summer so we can get all these fun kids together!