Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile since I live away from most of my friends and my family but haven't done it...until today. I titled it...WE AIN'T REDNECKS because this seems to be a constant struggle with my kids, especially my oldest...One day we were riding around in Jeremys truck...and I was complaining about all the junk on his dashboard...there was even a fork up there! and Kaleb said..."mom, you just have to accept the fact that we are rednecks!"....NOOOOOO! now, I will accept the fact that we love the outdoors, and we live in a trailer from the 70's....I am pretty sure it is older than Jeremy! It is ugly! (but, we tolerate it because of the land it comes with) and we usually drive muddy trucks with big tires.....and we'd rather wear jeans, tee shirts, and no shoes (well, that's me), the boys in my family hate to read, and we just got chickens. I know not very convincing. I like to think of it all as country charm! We do not have upholstered furniture on our porch, or drink beer for every meal..or any meal for that matter, or ..what else do rednecks do??? Anyways, we are more country than most of you. But, we do like it that way! hope you enjoy visiting with us here now and then. It does seem like we have some adventure going all the time.

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