Thursday, May 29, 2008

Band Concert

Well, tonight was the BIG BAND CONCERT for the schools. It is a big event for our little community because most families are involved, so everyone who is anyone is there. There is one band director for two grade schools...the other school is about 16 miles away, the jr high and the high school. So, to keep things simple he has two concerts a year. The holiday one and the end of the year concert. For the end of the year concert...which was tonight, we first hear from the beginner and advanced grade school bands. Most kids in third grade take band, and then as the years go by they gradually drop out. Except for the die hard band geeks, like us! Well, Kas is threatening to quit after her first year. but that is a different story.

After the grade school performance we hear the jr high band. The high school performs next. Then the jr High kids join the High School band and they play a few songs. and then the grand finale is all the kids combined together. There are so many kids crammed in the space. not enough chairs, definitely not enough music stands...but they play the last three songs every year, so I think they get those songs down pretty well. It is pretty funny though.

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