Sunday, May 18, 2008

14 year anniversary on the 14th. J was on duty so we didn't do anything special for it. my former self would have been bugged by it...but not now.. thank goodness. we bought ourselves a nice tv for our room as a present. We usually don't watch while we are in there...I like it on in the morning while I get ready. but lately we have, because it is the nicest tv in our house now. We tend to spend our $$$ on outside toys, not inside.

J also got the bike he's been drooling over for the last two years or so. He is such a lucky guy. He will be able to work it it is doable. and it practically fell into his lap, after he'd resigned himself to the fact that it wouldn't be happening for a few more years....since he wants to get his medic in the near future...which will be a $$ cruncher bigtime! I am happy for him. A little nervous about the safety of it...but it seems his whole life revolves around dangerous situations...what's another one, anyway! thankfully I have a pretty good perception of life and death...and someones time to go.

I have been slowly but surely eliminating clutter and junk in the house and organizing what I am keeping. It feels good...but never seems like enough. I have such a hard time letting go of junk. but I also hate that my house is ALWAYS cluttered. I am so worried that I will throw something valuable away. Sometimes I want to throw everything out and then start from scratch. not practical though! I will let a pile sit forever because I don't know what to do with it. and then when I finally make myself deal with it...I kick myself for taking so long to do it. oh well. such is life.

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LeaAnne said...

Happy 14 years!!

Clutter?? I just call it house decor:) Really I should call it clothing I am glad I found your blog!