Friday, May 23, 2008

field trip

I went on a field trip with Jyj and his class to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Fortunately the weather was great....we were counting on rain. and We had a great time. Another mother and I had 9 boys to contend with, but for the most part they were great....except that 5th grade humor is a killer. Some of them think the dumbest things are funny...and they would try to be crude...they think it makes them cool. It was just a few though. The rest were great. I am glad Jyj has good friends, and still likes to be around him mom!

The kids have had some killer field trips this year though. Jyj will have three 12 hour field trips, and Kas has one. and a few others for both. I know Jyj's teacher works a lot to get good trips for her kids. The rumor is maybe no field trips next year because of the fuel prices. We will see what happens. I am glad they can go and wish I could have gone to more this year, but they are a bit of a hassle...getting them to school early and all. Kas had to be at school at 5:45am...luckily J doesn't mind getting up early.

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