Friday, June 5, 2009

Memorial Weekend Visitors

AuntA and UncleA brought the boys for the weekend. It was Cutie's and Aunt A's birthday weekend, so we planned a lot of fun! They mostly wanted to go to the beach...which they did as soon as they arrived! It was pretty windy though, as is typical Ocean Shores weather, so they just stayed about an hour! (the adults were cold, the kids were fine!)

I guess for Cutie's birthday, he just wanted to buy a cake! so, as soon as we got to the house, he was anxious to get into his cake. It was yummy! His birthday wasn't for a few more days...but that's alright. We celebrated all weekend! I didn't get the camera until after we'd already cut into it and eaten some. He was that eager!
Here's big brother showing off!
Fortunately, sunday morning we got a glimpse of the otters playing. I didn't get a great shot though! I think there were 5 of them out there in the river! here they are getting out to go back to their home. We know it is across the dike road, but not sure where.

Sunday we went to church and then relaxed. It was a nice day. The weather was good, and the kids had a great time playing together!

Monday morning was the official BIRTHDAY, so we had waffles with berry topping and whipped cream. Well, some of us did.
Cutie opted for just whipped cream......Here he is attempting to smile!
and Big Brother chose the traditional dipped syrup!
Before they left, we had to go to the beach one more time. This time we went to the Copalis Beach near our home. It was very nice. Not quite warm, but not very windy either. A beautiful day.
Elijah had to bring a shovel. J and I were joking about how guys just like to dig...and later as we were driving on the beach, we noticed there were quite a few boys and men just digging in the sand! Makes me laugh!
Kas is CRAZY in her suit. It was too cold for that...but she was determined!

The boys loved chasing the waves!

After they got a little soaked and cold, they decided to play in the ponds...which had little fish in them! they were much warmer!My kids stayed out in the surf a little longer.
Kaleb found a new friend. This little boy came up to him and asked if he wanted to go out into the waves with him. Kaleb said okay and the boy grabbed his hand! CUTE! He really was too young to be out there by himself. His parents were standing by us, so it was a perfect scenario!

Look at this little sand dollar I found!

After the boys played in the puddles, they went up and played in the dunes, and the sand! J decided to bury a few.
I HATE as soon as I got over there, I insisted he get out. I get clausterphobic, so I think this just looks like torture to me. Plus I heard about a boy who suffocated last year being buried in the sand. J was there, so I knew he would be okay, but I still insisted.....ohhhhh....

Here he's getting a little help! Not from the guy who buried him though...notice that?

and he's out!meanwhile, Cutie is over here posing for us in his sandy underoos!
He kept giving us good poses! while he was obviously enjoying the sand.....

While big brother played!

We had such a good time. The weather was great. The kids had plenty to do. I was so glad we got to share their birthdays with them. The boys are happy and beautiful. They have so much of their mom in them. Their grandparents are doing a great job with them. It was a joy to see.

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~Amy~ said...

What great memories:) Bitter sweet for me to see these pictures of the boys.... how life goes on.... and kids grow. They look really happy.