Friday, June 5, 2009

Baseball, Hotdogs......

Well, baseball season is almost over! YEAH! It is soo time consuming, but it was also quite fun. This is Elijah's first year at baseball. His best friend, Knolen is in it and got him interested. Their family was so nice to get him set up with all the gear: cleats, glove, they even got his hitting hat for him and put TANK on it. It was soo nice...otherwise we would have had to fork out a ton of money just to get him started.
Elijah ended up being a natural at batting. He had a respectable batting average, especially with no other experience. He still needs practice in the field though, so was always in the outfield.
I guess he is also quite fast between bases, which is a bonus!

Elijah has a great team. There is quite a comradarie between the boys. They are always cheering each other on, and encouraging each other. I really liked that. He had about 5 coaches, cause a bunch of the dads were quite involved. The head coach wanted all the boys who were interested to be able to play, so we had a team of about 15. Most of the other teams only had the exact number they needed or only one or two extras. Our coaches knew ultimately this would be a disadvantage for our team and winning, because there were always 4-5 guys alternating in....I was grateful though, that they cared more for the boys and letting them play than having the best team. We still had a great team, though. Going into the finals they are in 2nd place!

Isn't he cute!

It is going to be interesting to see how Elijah does next year. He is going into Jr High and loves football, wrestling, basketball and baseball! I know he would do great in track as well. He is going to be quite busy, and have to make some difficult choices. Neither Jeremy or I were much into team Elijah's skills must come from farther back!

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