Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new school year!

First day of school
Kas is in 6th grade...which means our last year at the grade school! I really can't believe it! It is amazing how our lives change and revolve...and I know, it's the old cliche....but so quickly!

Kaleb is in 10th grade and Elijah is in 8th...so I have a kid in each school! Amazing!

I should have a photo of Jeremy slaving away. He has constantly had a book with him the last few months. About the same time the kids started school, he started his online classes for his school in January. He was always studying and taking tests online. It has been a great blessing for him and we are very proud....because as most of you know...Jeremy and books haven't really gotten along very well in the past! :)
And, we should have a photo of me...at about 6:30 am heading out with the boys, in a dress...to teach Seminary! I am loving it, spending alot of time studying...The Doctrine and Covenants this year...and going to bed early.
In fact, Jeremy and I have basically switched rolls...now, I go to bed early and he is the one up late on the computer! Pretty funny.
It has been a great school year so far.
Kas has received 2 student of the month nominations this year. She finished out her soccer season, really enjoying it. She opted to not do volleyball this year, since it ran at the same time.
A few weeks ago, Elijah came home with three awards: Principal's Honor Roll...with a gpa for this semester of 3.49 to 3.99!!! I think it helps that most of his good friends are also very smart. :)
He also received the 'Outstanding Effort in Physical Fitness' award, which is no surprise...he usually excells on those days were they count how many of each....And, he was also nominated for the SEAHAWK of the quarter! Way to go Elijah! Doing well in sports and academics! He had a great year in Football this fall...their team only lost to one school. He was one of the team Captains, and really played great this year. Now he is onto wrestling...and having a great season so far!
Kaleb decided after a few teachers encouragement, to go out for football this year. This is his first year, so he didn't get much playing time....but we expect to see great things from him in the future. He realized he likes it pretty well, so I think after all was said and done was grateful for the encouragement. He just had his first Wrestling meet last saturday and wrestled very well. He is wrestling at 152 this year, up from 140 and 145 from last year. We will see where he stays. We have encouraged him not to drop weight much....so we will see.
Oh, and Kaleb also completed his drivers training this fall. He has been a busy kid! Seminary at 6:30, school, football, drivers ed (three nights a week) and not home until after 8 pm!!! and then all over again the next day!!! But, he's handling it well!
We are very proud of all of our kids. They are all talented, determined, amazing people. It is fun watching them grow and develop...and I know these next few years are going to be amazing.... driving, graduating, girl/boyfriends!!!! missions!!!! it's just crazy to think about! BUT, we love it!!!

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Lacy King said...

Oh No, Kas is in the 6th grade... that is when I got my first kiss. HA HA! I have loved watching the little clips of Kalebs games on FB. You guys always have so much fun! I swear, I wish I was a kid again and you and J were my parents. Tell your kids they are SUPER lucky!