Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, Elijah has been having more problems than ever with hayfever, congestion, asthma type stuff than ever before. I was talking with someone about it and they mentioned how well the humidifier works for breathing better. We discussed the humidity in our air, and how the humidifier would still work. So, the other day I picked one up while I was in walmart.

Last night we set it up. It was a little different than the one we grew up with so, Jeremy was reading the directions and came across the trouble shooter questions and answers.....
the question was something along the lines of...what is wrong with the water doesn't go down. The answer gave a few ideas, and then stated that if the humidity is over 60 % then the water may not evaporate!!!! that means it is rarely going to be working at our house! I don't know if I should just take it back right now. I think it is a rare thing when we have humidity under 60%! I know today it was 100%!

I think that was a waste of money, but I am still hopeful that it may in some way help. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
btw, Elijah might be growing....we'll see. tonight he said he felt taller! which was super cute, cause he is still definitely short.


FreeFamWorld said...

We used a humidifier there when Nathan was a baby....and the water went down just fine....hmmm.... what about an air purifier in his room or in the house? Like the ozonators we have had... hope he feels better soon and that, if it is his wish, he really is taller!

Verlee said...

the air purifier might be a good idea. I forgot about it. I will have to see if we can get it going again. they said there was less water in it the next morning and he sounded better. He forgot to turn it on last night, and felt horrible this morning, so we will see.